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How should you eat halva?Manufactuerers of best halvah

best halvah price is fluctuating due to economic sanctions and the rise of the dollar. To buy this product, you can buy directly and online. Most of these products are exported to Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Turkey and European countries..

Price of best halvah for Export

How should you eat halva?

How should you eat halva? Another type of Ardeh, called best halva recipe Ardeh, is made from a combination of: Ardeh, Sugar, Eggs, Cardamom, and Chubak. Turkey is also produced.

Ardeh halva is divided into three types in terms of division, which are as follows: 1- Ardeh Shokri halva-2-Ardeh sugar-free halva-3-Ardeh soft halva

Most of the Halva Ardeh is eaten for breakfast. It is very nutritious and is suitable for reducing appetite. Due to its sweetness, it can be consumed with cheese and yogurt. This food can be used as a nutritious supper. Contracts or sandwiches for students’ snacks. As we said, this product is more popular, especially in autumn and winter.


Ardakan city can be mentioned as the largest Halva Ardeh market. Ardakan city in Yazd province is the center of production of sesame products, especially Halva Ardeh.Ardeh, Ardeh oil, sesame oil, Ardeh halva and all kinds of sesame sweets are among the high value food plant derivatives called “sesame”, which is in more than 160 industrial units.And the traditional city of Ardakan is produced and supplied. To buy Ardeh Ardakan, you can go directly to the shops or workshops to produce Ardeh halva. Enjoy buying Ardakan with Ardakan original quality, but Ardeh Ardakan online sales sites are also recommended for this purpose.Apart from Ardakan city, other cities of the country are also producing Halva Ardeh, such as: Mahallat, Qom, Boroujerd, Mashhad, Dashtestan and 2. Other famous Halva Ardehs of Iran include Qom Farmer Farmer Halva, which is a registered brand.Boroujerd city also has a large Ardeh Halva production workshop, which is also suitable for Ardeh Boroujerd price among Halva Ardehs.Simplified nuts are sold in Iran. For example, in some factories, liquid ardeh is added to various types of juices, such as date juice, and this has caused some people to only support flavored ardeh. In general, a variety of flavored and simple liquid flour throughout Iran, in particular, produces and packages neighborhoods that are being sold by distribution companies and Ardeh distribution agencies. Ardeh’s distribution and distribution in Ardeh neighborhoods in the same way, first Ardeh is produced and packaged in a traditional or industrial way. And then it is given to the distribution agencies for distribution and distribution of the product. Of course, there are shops inside the cityFor the production and sale of Halva Ardeh and souvenirs of the neighborhoods that you can buy directly from them. Online shopping sites for Halva Ardeh Mahallat are also a good option for shopping

Manufactuerers of best halvah

Manufactuerers of best halvah There are many sesame flour mills in our country, and the reason for this, if we want to say, is that sesame production is mainly done in different regions.

Customers who shop in the market are best halva to buy original samples so that they can make good use of their product features and excellent quality level. Customers buy the original samples for food, replacing them with frying oils.

Buying the original sesame halva in the markets is done in different ways, each of which has its own procedure that can make the job easier for buyers. Online shopping and face-to-face shopping are some of the trading methods that people can use to meet their needs.

One of the active factories for the production of Halva Ardeh Sesame Halva is Fadak Factory, which prepares Halva Ardeh Sesame Fadak Halva at the best quality level. Customers can meet their needs through online stores and distribution agencies..

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