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Manufactuerers of Sesame Halva

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What is Sesame halva made of?Prices of Sesame Halva for Export

Sesame Halva is one of the best quality sesame products in the country right now. Sesame Halva is available all over Iran at affordable wholesale prices.The production and consumption of sesame products, including sesame seeds, is increasing day by day due to its many properties. Sesame Halva is now available in bulk and packaged at most grocery stores and food centers.

Manufactuerers of Sesame Halva

What is Sesame halva made of?

What is Sesame halva made of? sesame halva recipe

Sesame halva with basic ingredients such as sesame and sugar, etc., is produced and marketed in factories during successive processes by advanced machines and manpower.

Aresame sesame is one of the most important sesame products consumed by people around the world, especially Iranians, for many years. In Iran, people usually consume sesame seeds because of the warmer weather in the colder seasons, especially autumn and winter, along with soups such as grape juice and date soup.

The sale of sesame seeds and other sesame products such as halva will begin in the fall. Of course, in the first six months, the sales of flour and other sesame products are low.

But in general, the second half of the year is the season of sesame and halva in Iran. At the start of the fall season broadcasters, wholesalers, and merchants are ordering from producers.

sesame halva today is distributed through authorized agencies and various distribution channels in most cities of Iran. There are big brands in Ardakan that supply sesame seed to the country’s most populous provinces.

Among the most important cities that Ardakan sesame paste is mass-marketed are:







Ardakan sesame seed

Generally, there are different varieties of varieties produced in the country that differ in quality and price.

The varieties of quality are as follows:


Second-class Arad

Artha Grade Three

Industrial varieties are considered as second and third grade and have lower quality than premium ones.The most important factor that increases or decreases the quality of sesame seeds is the quality and type of sesame.Sesame processing is also important and should be taken into account.

sesame halva calories

The calories in sesame halva are not high and everyone can use it and enjoy it.

Prices of Sesame Halva for Export

Prices of Sesame Halva for Export

The sale of fresh produce at bulk and low price is possible through reputable manufacturing companies and usually these companies offer this product directly.

Most traders are always looking to buy fresh produce that is cheap and direct.

In the field of sesame products, the novelty of the product has always been one of the most important factors that major buyers and traders pay special attention to and try to always buy high quality fresh produce.

There are several ways to know the price of wholesale quality products.

Businessmen and activists in this field are good sources to know about the wholesale price of this product.

Food distributors, of course, also operate in the major sales of this product.

They can also be used to inquire the wholesale price.

Ardakan sesame bulk wholesale price is better than many cities in Iran.

Top producers of black sesame halva are always ready to work with commercial companies, food distribution centers.

Chain stores are also known as major buyers of this product.

In bulk orders, very good and incredible discounts are offered to customers and applicants.

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